Who is this Gunbuster nut?
About this Site:
Read all about my favorite fan!
Originally created in 1999 as a fan-based webpage devoted to the author's favorite anime
collections, The Gunbuster Index gained a life of its own and became a vast repository of
information and images from the anime series
"Top O Nerae! Gunbuster", produced by
Gainax Co., Ltd and Bandai Entertainment during the latter part of the 1980's. The Index
remains the largest English language based Top o Nerae! Gunbuster site on the
internet today and contains some of the most detailed character biographies, episode
summaries, mecha data, images, and downloads of this series anywhere
to be found. At
this time the site remains an unofficial database to Gainax's first OVA series, with
hopes of one day being formally recognized by Gunbuster's creators.
About the Site's creator:
The site's creator, Carl E. Lindblom Jr., is just your average everyday anime fan who
gained an appreciation of the Japanese artform while stationed in Okinawa, Japan as a
United States Marine in 1983. The first series he witnessed untarnished by western
writers was
Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Since then, he has been an outspoken
advocate of the medium and tries his best to get non-fans to understand that anime is an
adult artform and not just for children. His current favorite forms of Japanese and Korean
entertainment in addition to
Gunbuster are: Mach GoGoGo (Speed Racer) Knights of
Sidonia, Argevollen, Attack on Titan, No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35,

Bubblegum Crisis, Ghost in the Shell,
Macross and all things Godzilla.

He's currently retired from work as an HVAC service mechanic due to an injury to his back
and a resulting infection to his spine. Now home with plenty of down time and lots of
doctors visits,
you can generally find him reading books on biological warfare, watching
movies or building one of the many plastic model kits he has in his stash
. That is, when
he isn't scouring the net looking for impossible to find Gunbuster merchandise. Want to
know more? You can also visit him at his
Facebook profile.
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