Gunbuster Links
Gainax Network Systems. The studio which started it all!
Forbidden Planet
Another fine Gunbuster site by Dave Gaxiola. This site has the distinction of being the oldest
and first English language based fansite. Online since 1994.
Japan's top of the line Gunbuster site!
Large Japanese fansite developed by Nemo. Lots of information about the Gunbuster series. In Japanese only.
Gears Mecha Art
A decent fansite with lots of mechanical drawings related to the Gunbuster series by mecha fan Tachyon.
Gunbuster Items For Sale
Yahoo! Auctions
Want to find some really rare Gunbuster items only found in Japan? Then try Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Please note this site
is in Japanese language only, and you may have to use an online bidding agent such as
Celga to bid for you as sellers
will rarely ship their items to buyers outside of Japan.
CD Japan
Are you looking for a rare compact disc to the old series or a CD for the new show? Then try CD Japan. They even carry
the officially licensed DVD's as well as other items such as collectors' figures.
Will ship to the US.
Yes Asia
Another company which has Top O Nerae! related merchandise is Yes Asia. They sell CD's and DVD's related to the
series. They can be quite expensive to order from.
Will ship to the US.
Hobby Link Japan
Looking for a resin model or an action figure? Try looking at Hobby Link Japan. You may be surprised at what you find!
You can find all kinds of rare Gunbuster goodies on eBay!
Looking for a Gunbuster artbook, pencil box, or manga? You'll find it here at Mandarake.

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